YUEQING MEIYU SEWING MACHINERY CO.,LTD ( Yueqing Weitejie Apparel Machinery Factory ) specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative industrial garment equipments and their accessories. Its main products include the WEI TE JIE MEIYU BRAND INDUSTRIAL STEAM IROM, STEAM IRON,ELECTRIC STEAM BOILER WITH STEAM IRON,PRINTING MACHINE,PRESS MACHINE,VACUUM BOARD,MANUAL CLOTH END CUTTER,SPRAY GUN,GOUBLE SIDE FABRIC SPLIT-CUTTING MACHINE,SPONGE CUTTING MACHINE,TEFLON SHOE,HOSE,etc.many products have passed CE international certification. 
      The company continues to develop new quality innovative products to meet the constantly changing requirements of the fashion industry. Great Trademark Comes from Good Quality has been the company's slogan.The company has constantly innovated its products to meet the market-driven demands and intensified the development of new products to meet the requirements of the fashion industry.Based on business loyalty and sincerity.the compnay has established good business realtionship with dealers around the world. 
      Looking into the future, we will keep developing and reinforcing our company, together with our customers, to make the best of our future.